Motivation letter, which i’ve never sent

Why am i a good candidate to your company?

Well, if you’re reading this, it means CV wasn’t thrown in the recycle bin after the first screening. How I can be fit to your company without work xp in US and after 2 years gap?

Lets see. I also didn’t have any work experience in India, when i was selected for the first internship in multinational company. And then I was flexible to merge the career lines and end with regional coordinator for CIS marketing in pharma. Every new job requires studies of the company products and market, adjusting to the corporate culture.Due to my husband job transfers i was changing cities every 1,5 years. New place. New job, new challenges. What does it tell? I can  take care of self in challenging situations.

She is changing jobs to frequently?

Can she be an asset to the company? Yes, i’m an asset. When you hire someone, you never know for how long the person is really going to stay. Doesn’t matter what she said on the interview, we all read guides and tips how to nail the most complicated one. But i can assure, that i do best for the profile assigned and the company hired. From all the heart and mind.

You have a gap of two years?

Yes, i’m on maternity leave. This was conscious decision to invest time in development of our child. No one can replace parent in the very young age. And if you think that motherhood is easy, let’s discuss all the adjustments you have to do on the daily basis. Starting from the day 1. 24×7. Rarely someone gets such employment. So it’s not the gap, it’s one of the most valuable experiences. If i can deal with the boss, who can’t express his desires clearly yet and be successful, just imagine how easy we can find solutions to the job assignments.You have to learn everything from 0, when you become a mother. And adjust daily to your own needs, select from the variety of marketed tools the ones, which really work. Don’t we do the same with company needs and resources?

Yeah, i also know 4 languages. It took me less than a year to learn hindi and be able to communicate freely. That’s something about the personality, isn’t it?

I lived in 3 countries, have travelled a lot in Ukraine and Kazakhstan due to the job profile, helped management to realise initiatives on the ground. Whatever i do, i do it with excellent quality.

Let’s have a chat and find out if we’re suitable. CV is just a piece of paper, which can’t really tell you, if person will be a great fit to your corporate culture. And that’s important, isn’t it?

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