Quite frequently I’m being asked a question: “When are you going to start showing cartoons to Kabir?” and the reasons for their benefits follow. As of now my answer is: ” As late as possible”. I don’t want my son to spend hours in front of the TV or any other gadget, when so many other development opportunities are available.

Cartoons are good for speech development, you may say. Yeah, but so are outside games with other kids, story times and reading book at home with parents, even simple talking, while walking around.
What about other kids watching? Will no he feel outcast? Maybe this is true for the later stages, when the child is 4-5 year old, but at 1,5 I have very big doubt. Kids don’t talk much yet, leave discussing cartoons aside.
Emotional development, etc. Yes, agree, good cartoons are doing their part, but so do situations at home and in the outside world.

I’m not against the cartoons and gadgets, it’s hard to avoid them in current time. Netflix and crunchy roll offer endless possibilities for any age group. I’m against the early and too frequent use of them.
Internet gave people very good option of finding enormous materials in the area of your interests, as well, as the others, who share it. That’s why, its easier to dig in the phone, than work on developing deeper real life relationships with people around, your own family circle, friends, kids. You won;t be able to build a discussion with person containing only” Hi, good, buy”, but in messengers you can. Couple of pics give chat a bit of emotional touch. Still, it works for adults, because we have met those people at some point of time and carry the image of real person in our head. Kids don’t have that background up to some age.

I’m asking self why would i want to give gadget or switch on tv? To get some time ‘in peace’. Ok, lets assume, that it’s valid point, but what am i going to do with 30 mins -1 hour of it? Sit in social networks? Or read? or clean the house? Or it just takes efforts from my side to read, draw, sing songs and poems with my son. Yes, it does. It’s much easier, if he entertains himself on his own. But he is still little and he needs me. Sometimes you need to go on the level of the baby and understand his perspective. I’m not saying, that you have to carry 1,5 year old boy entire day around the house, but he gets easily and happily involved in any work to be done.

What about public places? During our flight to Hawaii and back, i have discovered, that the only thing, which matters is your inner peace. Then you don’t need any gadget. Yes, you shall be ready to forget about ‘ what other passengers may say’ and let the kid (yourself following) roam around the plane. There are books, crayons, songs, etc. Cafees are harder, but not so much different. The idea is to leave your ‘going on the date’ expectations behind. You want a date, order food home or get a babysitter.

One more thing, i would like to add, that everything starts from the parents habits. If we sit in the mobile/pc/tv entire day, than prohibiting won’t work. Younger generation happily copies what the elder ones do. You can’t push baby to read or play with bricks, or other kids if at the same moment you are constantly checking social networks. It takes time and will to decrease this habit. I do my best, not to check the phone frequently, but it really needs efforts and understanding the real reason.

In conclusion, i would like to say, that every parents do their best to their kids. In whatever way we know for the current moment. It may change with years, number of members in the family and experience. The one thing is true (and not only about cartons or gadgets): you need to be the change, you want to see the world. Otherwise, it’s only loud words without any results.

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