Leaving and coming… why it’s so f…ing sad, ha? You become friends with people, and the they are going back to their reality one day. Yeah, it’s easy to say, that all people in or life are coming and going, but it’s harder to feel it in real life. Today was the last day of Ira and Petya in Pune, actually, last night. They are leaving to Delhi tomorrow in the morning. I got close to them , at least to Ira. This is true – in Ukraine or Kazakhstan we’ll be foreigners for each other, here in India – close Russian speaking souls.
Yeah, forgot to mention, I’m a bit daisy now. (hope I wrote that word correctly). Kazakh vodka vas really nice. But even a small sip made me to feel so. Was observing one more sad face in our Cs flat – Andre. Got one more thing – I can get angry or disappointed with those ppl, but I really love them. That place is some kind of a magic place, which helps people to build totally different kind of a relationship.
I was not crying, that’s really strange. May be I just trying to hide these emotions somewhere deep inside my soul. This is also true. And I really don’t know, when will have a chance to meet all of them one more time. ‘See you somewhere in our small world’. Think, I say this too easily sometimes. Or just in this moments you feel that the world is really big. Actually, sometimes I don’t feel, like being in the reality – for example, Tony is already n days in China, but I keep in touch through the Google talk.
I really miss that ppl, who have left, but I clearly know, that each of us has it’s own road in this game, which is called life. And we’re together, till we have those number of the experiences, which we need to go through together. And this is really cool. I’m thankful for God for this opportunity. If to think about it, now I have friends almost everywhere in the world, cool yeah….

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